About StitchDoodles...

About StitchDoodles...

Hi, I’m Nicola.

My mission is to spread the joy of hand stitch through my patterns and blog. I would love for you to immerse yourself in a world of threads and stitches, happily creating your next masterpiece as your family looks on in awe at your creativeness!

There is nothing quite like hand stitching – whether it’s embroidery, sewing or knitting – which allows you to get away from the world for a short time and just enjoy the moment.

This creative outlet has quite literally been a blessing in my life. No matter how busy you are with family, work and everything else that comes your way – you can always find a moment of ‘happy stitching’.

The designs I create are modern and colorful and my inspiration comes from the things around me, so if you like animals and flowers you are in the right place!

transfer a pattern on to fabric

You can get some wonderful free patterns on the stitchdoodles blog to get you started and hopefully find lots of inspiration and information for your stitching as well.

I really hope my blog and designs inspire you to pick up a needle and some gorgeous thread and get stitching and realise the delights this can bring to you in so many positive ways.