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These PDF Embroidery Pattern Templates – Instant PDF Download, are all available as a PDF - after purchase, you will be given a link to the PDF download so you can access the template as soon as you would like.
• You can print these designs on A4 and US letter size paper and trace onto your own fabric for hand embroidery. • There are lots of other ways to use the pattern for papercrafts, card making and colouring - your only limit is your imagination. • This is a template for you to make your own decisions on stitches, embroidery floss and colours - all the fun stuff is up to you!

PDF Embroidery Pattern Templates – Instant PDF Download (8)

PDF Version: Christmas Advent Calendar 2023

Dhs. 37.00

Halloween Hand Embroidery Template

Dhs. 7.00

Dog Breeds Hand Embroidery Template

Dhs. 9.00

Nursery Alphabet - Embroidery Template

Dhs. 10.00

Bird Folk Hand Embroidery Template

Dhs. 9.00

Sunflowers Hand Embroidery Pattern Template

Dhs. 7.00

Birth Flowers Hand Embroidery Template

Dhs. 9.00

Wild Flowers Hand Embroidery Template

Dhs. 9.00