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Sometimes it easier to see how to do hand embroidery rather tahn read about it so we have come up with the following videos that should help you if you have any questions.

Question: How Do I Stitch A...?

Hand Embroidery is all about stitches and it is so much fun learning different ones.
Here are some fabulous places to start if you want to have a go at a variety of stitches…
There are FREE stitch tutorials on our blog to help get you started: Click Here To Learn To Stitch More

The RSN Stitch Bank

The Royal School of Needlework has created the RSN Stitch Bank to mark its 150th anniversary and continue its founding mission to preserve the art of hand embroidery.
The Royal School of Needlework (RSN) is compiling the world's largest repository of stitches, RSN Stitch Bank, and aims to digitally conserve and preserve every stitch around the globe. There are currently 250 stitches, with more being added all the time. Every year, stitches are lost as they fall out of use or through general wear and the age of the object. Textiles also continue to be threatened by changes in manufacturing processes and more aggressive issues of war, neglect and destruction.