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Hello Summer.

Embroidery kits contain a Nurge Square Hoop or Siesta Bar Frame!


Welcome to StitchDoodles Modern Hand Embroidery: Gorgeous, colorful and fun Hand Embroidery Pattern designs that you will love to stitch, all our hand crafted, hand picked embroidery supplies enable you to create wonderful embroidery designs if your a beginner or advanced embroiderer.

At StitchDoodles, we are all about fun and creativity! StitchDoodles was born in 2019 after I was finding it difficult to find hand embroidery patterns that were exciting and a bit different from the usual. Wanting to combine our love of hand embroidery stitches, traditional sampler techniques as well as quilt designs(!) I decided to come up with something myself and it has evolved into an array of wonderful and colourful designs that will hopefully inspire and excite people to pick up a needle and get 'happy stitching’. Have a Happy Stitching experience with StitchDoodles Modern Hand Embroidery Patterns and Kits.

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You can still place an order however posting will recommence starting Tuesday 26th september. Thank you for your patience!

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