Madeira Mouline 6 Stranded Egyptian Cotton, Pretty in Pink


Madeira Mouline 6 Stranded Embroidery Thread - an absolutely beautiful thread for hand embroidery.

Here at Stitchdoodles, I have put together a variety of color collections for you to enjoy.


This Colour Collection is called 'Pretty in Pink' and includes 1 pack each of the following 4 colours...

  • Crepe
  • Blush
  • Fuschia
  • Magenta

Choose between the full collection or the individual colour packs.


The 6 stranded floss is made from pure 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton which is silky smooth, with exceptional quality giving a luxurious look to your hand embroidery.

The floss comes in an array of gorgeous colors and is colorfast making it perfect for cross-stitch and all hand embroidery techniques.


Each color in the Madeira Mouline range comes in a spiral pack and contains a full 10 meters of thread.

The Spiral Pack keeps your floss clean, new, and tangle-free until you use it. Simply pull the thread you need from the bottom, the rest stays protected from dirt and dust in the pack and can be stitched to the very last inch.

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