Fabric Sample Pack, Linen, Cotton, Linen Blend, Calico


Fabric Sample Pack for Hand Embroidery - 6 different fabrics.

There are lots of different types of fabrics for hand embroidery and it can be difficult to choose which one you prefer for your hand stitching. This fabric pack contains 6 different types of fabric in a 5 inch sample size so you can see and feel the difference in a cost effective way before making your final choice.

All the fabrics in this sample pack are available in larger sizes in the Stitchdoodles shop.

You will receive a 5 inch sample of the following...

100% Premium Linen
100% Ramie Linen
Linen Rayon Blend
Linen Cotton Blend
100% Premium Cotton
Soft Calico

You will also receive an information sheet detailing the weight and composition of the fabric.

The 5 inch squares are big enough to stitch on so you can test them out.

Next time you have a design you want to stitch you will know exactly what fabric to choose.

Happy Stitching.