Black Hummingbird Needleminer


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Beautiful Hummingbird Needle minder.

This gorgeous needle minder is a wonderful embroidery accessory - the perfect size to have by your side as you stitch and then keep your needle safe whilst you have a break.

35mm in height by 35mm in width approx.

Perfect for any stitching, cross stitch project so you don't lose your needle and it looks so gorgeous on your fabric its a delightful addition to your embroidery and stitching supplies.

The Needle minder has a Strong magnet attached to the back and another one to hold it down onto your fabric from the back. You are able to securely attach it to any project and have your needle at hand without getting lost!

The best way to ensure that your magnets last is by sliding them apart rather than pulling or slamming together, this ensures that they won't break.

This is a perfect gift for yourself or a stitchy friend!

Given the nature of the magnets please take extra care around small children as these can become incredibly dangerous if swallowed.