100% Premium washed Linen, Ivory, Hand Embroidery Fabric


This Premium 100% Washed Linen Hand embroidery Fabric is lovely and soft as well as high quality

Linen is a beautiful fabric for hand stitching providing character and warmth to any project and perfect for freestyle hand embroidery.

I have shown pictures with a simple flower stitched on to the fabric so you can see how it looks when hand stitched. This is 100% linen so NOT blended with cotton and therefore has more of the natural characteristics in the look.

The fabric is cut to size with 2 choices...

  • 12 inch square or 16 inches square so the perfect size for all stitchdoodles hand embroidery designs. 

  • Make your choice from the drop-down menu.

This Linen can be traced on to with a lightbox - the natural texture makes it slightly more tricky to see through so if you are new to hand embroidery you may prefer the Linen/Rayon Blend available in my other listing which is much easier for tracing. stitchdoodles modern hand embroidery