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Love Stitched Stories°

Very cute pattern! Love the puppies!

Love Stitched Stories°

Received a link for the download pdf pattern almost immediately after checking out. The picture is very clear. The instructions are easy to understand, the pictures on the weekly instructions are circled each week in blue so there is no confusion. Will definitely be ordering from here again.

As leaves turn

A lovely kit arrived in a day or two of order all ways packed beautifully and I really in joy stitching it


Another lovely pattern with easy to follow instructions. I love that this one comes with a needle and the necessary thread.

Beautiful kits

I recently ordered 3 kits and all of them are gorgeous. Vibrant colours! I will definitely buy more kits in the future.

Loving the colors

The colors really make this piece come to life - there are combinations that I wouldn't have thought of myself, and I love practicing my stitching this way. It's quite relaxing. The only irksome thing is the confusion about how many of each design is present on the wheel. The wording is confusing. Also, I would love to see printable instructions for each week. I do print them out myself, but Week 2 had a link to print them which I found very convenient, rather than copy-and-paste. Despite these few hiccups, overall the piece is fun to do and quite pretty.

info not available on time

Round the woodland

Loving my stitch kit just finished first week ready to start this week. Lots of interest to keep me occupied different stitches the little animals too.

Beautiful fabric and backing - and great printed pattern to embroider.

Can't wait to get started

Lovely project

Just started this lovely project and my first stitchalong with stitch doodles and lm enjoying the little bit size instructions to do weekly I can’t wait to see it finished o think ot will look beautiful also I’ve never done an 8 inch hoop before !!

Round & Round the Woodland

My order arrived quickly and well packed. I chose pre printed fabric and it’s even backed ready to frame and start stitching. It’s good quality and print is clear. Think this is going to be the first of many purchases from this shop! Many thanks.

It is lovely and so helpful and straight forward to use.

Excellent piece of kit, I would highly recommend it.

First Order

I generally trace designs rather than purchase the printed cloth. I was very pleased with both the quality of the fabric used and the clarity of the printed design. High quality product. I would recommend this to others.

Gorgeous kit

Excellent quality kit with everything I need to join in with the stitch along.

Woodland Bloosom

I love how the pattern is detailed just enough without being overwhelming to a beginner. The instructions are clear. The stitching guide is very clear and detailed.

Not yet started

I haven’t started this project yet. But other designs I’ve worked on from Stitchdoodles have been delightful. Looking forward to working on this one soon.


I came across this on Pinterest and was inspired to make it for myself. Was so pleased that you could buy it as a kit. Fabric quality is superlative and threads are well organised. I can't wait to start the embroidery.

Great pattern!

I love the creativity of stitchdoodles. The pattern is set up so that you can work on one motif at a time, so you don’t get bored working on just one element. The colors are fun and I am really enjoying it so far. Thanks!

Another “keeper”!

At this point, I think I’ve done probably a half dozen Stitchdoodles projects and have never been disappointed. This time though… brace yourself, I changed up some of the colors. Living on the edge over here in the states, what can I say, we’re still rebels. I’m loving the colors so far though and the pattern is perfect. This will be hung on the wall of the Due in July baby. The baby’s Big Brother received Forest Animals!

Doodle Bug

Just what I needed,looking forward to sewing them!I love all your doodle patterns!Ive definitely got the doodle bug!

Delightful, contemporary design

I bought the printed fabric and intended to follow the sew along but started it and nearly completed it ( chose from my own threads ).
Will but further products in the future



Planned spontaneous fun

So cute, very neatly packaged, great kit. Looking forward to each release of information and sewing when I get the chance 😀

Fun stitch a long

Really enjoying the woodland stitch a long. The round and round design has lots of interesting detail and although I have only done the first week I can see it will be a fun stitch.