John James Hand Embroidery Needles, Size 5


John James Hand Embroidery Needles

John James are a UK premium quality needle manufacturer and they are wonderful needles to stitch with providing a nice smooth experience every time they are used.

Hand Embroidery Needles come in various sizes and have a larger eye allowing for several strands of thread to be used at the same time. It can be difficult, especially as a beginner to know which size is suitable.

With this in mind, I have put together a 'Starter Pack' with 3 of the most common sizes used so you can try them for yourself and figure out which size you prefer.

The Starter pack includes one each of the following (all contained in a handy card so you know what size you have for your project)...

  • Size 5 - typically for beginners as it is the largest of the 3 - it is also great for 6 stranded projects if you find threading a needle difficult.
  • Size 7 - a great all rounder size - smaller than a 5 but not too small that beginners find it difficult to use. This is the one I recommend for most stitching once you have grasped the basics.
  • Size 9 - the smallest of the 3 - once you gain experience and try more intricate projects you will find this is perfect for 1 strand as well as helps to make long and short stitch blend smoother.

Once you know which size needle you prefer to stitch with, you can choose a handy plastic tube containing 3 of that size - make your choice from the drop down menu.


Finally, if your project requires surface stitches such as weaving - you will need a tapestry needle - the size 24 is just right for hand embroidery - you can purchase a plastic tube containing 2 of these needles if required.

For all of the above options - please make your choice from the drop down menu.