Nurge Adjustable Wooden Seat Embroidery Stand


Nurge Adjustable Wooden Seat Embroidery stand made from hard beechwood, fine sanded and polished for a super smooth natural wood finish

This hand embroidery stand is incredibly easy to use and very versatile - it has 3 joints making it flexible and easily changed into any position.

This frame is a great way to keep your hands free for stitching and is really comfortable to use. It can be used as a table-top stand or by sitting on the lower base tucked under your legs.

It can be used for all types of frames and hoops so you are not restricted to how you choose to stitch your design or the size and shape.

Light weight and easily portable - it folds down nice and compact so you can take your stitching with you on the go!

These products are the number 1 professional crafters choice for quality.

Hoop / frame not included

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