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All about Supplies: Nurge Hoops - StitchDoodles

Nurge Square Hoops – fabulous for Hand Embroidery

Square Plastic Hoops

This was the description I saw when I came across these hoops and it didn’t really inspire me! The only reason I did decide to give them a try was because they were square and I was curious to find out if they were any good since a lot of my designs are square as well.

First things first – they are not really square! Truth be told they are rectangle but that really isn’t an issue!

Up to now, my main choice for stitching my designs has been stretcher bar frames which I really like using, however I was curious enough to give these a try as a suitable alternative and I am so glad I did!

What a Fantastic Hoop!

You would think these are made for Stitchdoodles Patterns! I love to design Square, Rectangular non circular designs and these are just perfect for an easy and quick alternative to the stretcher bar frames.

Yes, they are more expensive compared to a normal hoop as well as a stretcher bar frame BUT totally worth it for the convenience, enjoyable stitching experience plus they will last and last.

How do they work?

These hoops are designed to trap the fabric in between the inner and outer frame just like the usual round hoops. Unlike the usual round hoops they take a little more wiggling and fiddling to get the fabric nice and tight but nothing that will hold you back in any way.

They are made from a rigid plastic making them extremely sturdy and comfortable to hold when stitching.

See Photo diagram below for how to put your fabric in nice and tight…

  1. Place the inner hoop on a flat surface.
  2. Place the fabric with design facing up centrally over the inner hoop.
  3. Place the Outer hoop around the outer edge over the inner hoop.

4. Tighten the screw at the top whilst re-adjusting the fabric to make it nice and tight.

Creates Great Tension

These hoops make the fabric really nice and tight and the tension lasts and last whilst you stitch. The trick for achieving this is to take the time making the fabric nice and tight as you tighten the screw mechanism.

As the screw closes the gap of the outer hoop you will notice the fabric pucker a bit so pull it outwards all the way around and then tighten the screw again. Keep doing this and the gap will close and the fabric will be fabulously tight ready to stitch…

how to use a nurge square hoop

The back of the hoop should be just as tight and smooth as the front.

Giving the Hoop the full stitching test

My latest pattern was just ready to start stitching when I came across these so it was the perfect opportunity to give the hoop a full road test!

The Plantopia Pattern in the following photo was in this frame for about 4 weeks and the tension when I had completed was as good as when I started. There was no need to re-adjust.

A lot of my designs are about 8 inches so this 10 x 11.5inch frame is absolutely perfect. I like being able to have access to the whole design for the duration of the stitching and the frame was enough to hold without marking the fabric. As you can see it looks lovely and tight after all that time…

I am really excited to have these in my shop and if you want to treat yourself to a fabulous stitching experience you can find them here…

Nurge Square Hoops – perfect for Stitchdoodles Patterns

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