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    Seam Ripper / Stitch Unpicker


    Stitch Unpicker: I could not be without this little tool in my embroidery box!

    This is a 'seam ripper' or as I prefer to call it a 'stitch unpicker' - no matter how good your stitching is there is always a bit you just don't like and want to start over and this little tool is just what you need for such a job.

    You can do the same with scissors but the curved tip of this as you hook it under the offending threads means you can do a much quicker job as well as neater job with much less risk to the stitches surrounding that you don't want to ruin.

    These are essential, handy little stitch unpickers - the safety cap can be popped off and then used to extend the handle.

    You will receive 1 seam ripper in either green, red, yellow or blue.

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