Nurge Embroidery Hoops - Square Plastic Hoops


Nurge Embroidery Hoops - Square Plastic Hoops, are renowned for quality and these square plastic hoops made by them are no exception

They are skilfully designed and manufactured to exacting standards and are easy to use providing fantastic tension throughout the stitching process.

They suit Stitchdoodles designs perfectly as the 10.5 x 11 inch is sized perfectly for all the square 8 inch samplers such as Walk in the Woods, Birds, Bugs and Berries to name just a couple. I was really excited when I found these as I know not everyone enjoys or wants to use the stretcher bar frames.

These frames allow you access to the whole of the design so no need to remove from the frame until your stitching is complete.

Hoop Sizes

I have 2 sizes available chosen for the Stitchdoodles most popular pattern sizes, select accordingly.

Nurge Embroidery Hoops - Square Plastic Hoops  measurements given here are of the inside of the space available for stitching...

No. 3 = 8 x 9 inches
No. 4 = 10 x 11.5 inches (this is the one you want for the larger stitchdoodles patterns.)

There is a post on the Stitchdoodles Blog with more info about these fabulous hoops.


If you have any questions regarding your order please click here.

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