Siesta Master Embroidery Seat Stand


Siesta Master Embroidery Seat Frame made from high quality wood

This hand embroidery Siesta Master Embroidery Seat Stand frame is incredibly easy to use and very versatile - the height and angle are adjustable making for a really comfortable stitching experience whilst sitting on a sofa or chair.

This Siesta Master Embroidery Seat Stand frame is a great way to keep your hands free for stitching and the fact that it rotates completely means you can access the back of your work easily to finish off your stitching.

It can be used for all types of frames and hoops up to 18 inches so you are not restricted to how you choose to stitch your deisgn.

Light weight and easily portable so you can take your stitching with you on the go!

Hoop / frame not included.


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